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Here are some of the adventures planned for Afterverse in the future.

The Resistance
(10 episodes, flexible characters, Occupation Era)

Late in the occupation, the resistance against the Bactaran occupiers has finally started to make some headway - but with every step forward comes a new step backward.

Orion's Spark
(7 episodes, flexible characters, Expansion Era)

As tensions rise between the Bactarans and humans in Sol's asteroid belt, the party will investigate incidents around the belt. As religion, castes, and military objectives conflict, the players must decide whose side they're on as the campaign reaches its climax leading up to the Battle of Ceres.

Orion's Blitz
(7 episodes, human military characters, Orion War)

The Battle of Ceres kicks off a firestorm which will take the party, a crew of EGF and ESF soldiers, through the front lines of the war as they progress from Ceres, to Saturn, and finally to the Sirius system. (This campaign may be a direct continuation of the Orion's Spark campaign if your player characters are compatible with both plots.)


Settlers of Herschel
(open-ended, flexible characters, Orion War)

As denizens move into the newly built Herschel Station in orbit around Titan, the players will assume the role of a private crew, offering a blend of space-based and in-person adventures with plenty of freedom for the story to grow.


Treasures of Lemuria
(8 episodes, flexible characters, Artifact Era)

The homeworld of an ancient, highly advanced civilization is discovered, and the artifacts found there control abilities that none of the races of the Orion Arm have even dreamed of. The party in this adventure will take the role of explorers trying to find and acquire these artifacts, and bring them back to Parella Station.

(5 episodes, pregen characters, multiple eras)

A generational story touching many of the major historical events in the first few eras. As the story moves on from 2058 through 2109, players will assume the role of their characters' children and proteges, from the Union Underground resistance, to the breakout of the Orion War in the asteroid belt, and beyond.

Convention Missions

These are the missions available at gaming conventions.

The Siege of Parella

A great way to get your feet wet with Afterverse. This 2-hour session is a space combat simulation. These sessions are treated more like a miniatures board game than an RPG, but using the same combat rules as the rest of Afterverse. The nature of this session allows for a lot of variety, so if this appeals to you, feel free to play it multiple times!


This set of 4-hour adventures is a generational story featuring one group of characters and their descendants and follows key events in the Afterverse chronology. These events include:

The Last Ditch

The Sirius Expedition

Crimes Against Humanity

The Battle of Ceres

Mining War

A faster-paced, denser version of two adventures from Generation, "Crimes Against Humanity" and "The Battle of Ceres". This features the same group of characters four years apart in two conflicts pivotal to the Orion War.

Living Labyrinth of Lemuria

February 10, 2116 - It's been ten months since the first ancient artifacts were brought back from the world of Lemuria, and the artifact hunts have well and truly begun. The hot and hostile planet is worth enduring and exploring now, thanks to the massively valuable, wildly advanced artifacts from an ancient, extinct alien race to be found. 

The Burning Man

Your secretive community, the Technoshaman society, is governed by an advanced algorithm, which determines the network's needs and directs its assets (you) to provide for them. Agents of the network have access to advanced technology, all controlled via Augmented Reality and the Shamanic visual language. The algorithm organizes its citizens into small, distributed communities, which are capable of carrying out what seems to be the algorithm's primary objective: Dismantling the powerful corporations that dominate daily life on Earth. Some of these objectives are straightforward objectives, but rarely, a Key Quest will appear, indicating that the network is ready to enter a new phase of its existence.

Recently, the network has been growing rapidly and expanding its reach. The community has a sense of building to something major when a new Key Quest appears. A massive, demon-like avatar has appeared in augmented space, slowly approaching a shamanic community threateningly. The Key Quest: defeat it, before it destroys the community.

The Draft Defectors

This preview scenario is a playtest for the upcoming Afterverse space combat board game. 


After being forcefully drafted into a long-term military campaign, the crew of one battlecruiser has defected, with the goal of waiting out the interstellar war with the neutral Vorans. With warships spread thin, only one other ship can be spared to bring them back into the fight—or to make them an example.


In The Draft Defectors, you take the role of the command crew of one of the opposed battlecruisers, in what will surely end up being a fight to the death.

Orion War (living campaign)


The Orion War campaign will allow you to create your own character and use them throughout the adventures in the campaign at conventions, events, and participating gaming stores. Read more here.

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