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The universe is a rough place, and now you're in the thick of it. Whether you're fighting the Bactaran occupation that begins almost as soon as first contact is established, exploring the new frontier of space after humanity throws off its chains, or working towards the unification of all the species of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, Afterverse puts the universe in front of you and sets you against it.

The d6-based game system is versatile and powerful. The usage of hit banks minimizes unnecessary dice rolls and keeps gameplay flowing smoothly, while letting players control their risk factors. Characters earn XP through the innovative Motivation system, bridging the gap between powergamers and roleplayers.

Set your campaign at any time across hundreds of years of future history. Every time period has its own events, conflicts, cultures, and technologies. Encounter enemies and allies of all shapes and sizes. Join the revolution, become space pirates, or command military might in space in epic wars across the stars.

Welcome to the universe. Here's what comes next.

The D6 Bank game system is the core of Afterverse gameplay. In a standard skill test, you'll add the relevant Attribute and Skill, and roll that many D6 dice. Count up the 5s and 6s; these are the number of hits, and how you determine the level of success at the test.

If a test affects events over time, such as a Perception Test impacting a whole scene or an Initiative Test across a round of combat, you'll bank those hits to spend them as they're needed. Banks are common in Afterverse, and their usage puts more control in the hands of the players.

The Afterverse Action Cards (optional, but recommended) make it easy, fun, and tactile to track banks and provide quick rules reference for the action that created them.


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The Afterverse core book includes five sentient species, over 60 different worlds to visit, and hundreds of spacecraft in the expansive universe. Each one has its own feel and flavor, designed with care and beautifully brought to life by a number of talented artists.

Explore the worlds of Afterverse.


Dozens of cultures are spread throughout the Orion Arm, including all five sentient species. As the history of Afterverse progresses, cultures change and evolve. Technology advances. War and peace percolate through the star systems.

Explore some of the cultures of Afterverse.

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