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Jun 16, 2022
In Game System Discussion
Hello. Bought Afterverse during lockdown, really looking forward to running it soon with my group. First of all congrats on getting published, feels like a real labour of love. As my group has no prior knowledge of Afterverse I plan on starting in 2049 pre-invasion and then introduce the surprises quickly, keep them off balance as they find out the true goals of the occupation. A couple of questions regarding the invasion, bar the orbital strikes what do the Bactrians use to militarily defeat Earth’s nations and enforce their laws before they can recruit collaborators? What are Bactrians equipped with if they are present on Earth’s surface at this time, and what, if anything, stops them being defeated by resistance fighters. A last rule question, when using the learning by failure rule to buy specialisations what happens when there are prerequisite specialisations that the character doesn’t know, can the players buy the prerequisites all in one go or do they need to bought those previously? Thank you.


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