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Lemuria (Kepler-62e)




Lemuria (Kepler-62e)
TMP: 5
ATM: 5
RAD: 5
GRV: 5

The single most important world of the Artifact Era. Lemuria (previously called Kepler-62e) is a large, hot planet. Its surface is covered in rainforests (distinctive for their thick trunked trees, thanks to the high gravity), and it is harsh to most life—too hot for humans and too heavy for species of most other worlds to survive without augmentation. However, the treasures contained within make it worth suiting up and diving in.
Advanced, ancient alien devices have been found previously elsewhere, the most prominent being the Junardm manufacturing device possessed by the Bactarans. Lemuria is the first place in the Orion Arm which contains many such artifacts, all buried in ruins and underground, in caverns and catacombs where the temperature is more tolerable (`TMP` 3). It is suspected that whatever ancient civilization created these artifacts lived underground on Lemuria, and that this is how so many devices survived whatever calamity befell the ancient colonies on other worlds.
Artifact hunters seeking these treasures will have to combat the perils of an overgrown wilderness, structures that lost stability eons ago, and most importantly, other hunters seeking the same thing.

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