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Afterverse is too big for any single person to create. While the canonical facts of the universe are the creation of me (Ray Nothnagel), the many pieces of wonderful art and design are well beyond any artistic talent I could hope to achieve. There are many writers whose storytelling outpaces mine. I have freelancers to thank for making Afterverse a richer setting than could have been made on my own.

This page serves as a general place to get information about freelancing to work on Afterverse.

Canon/Creative Control

Ultimately, the final decision over what is and is not canonical is up to Afterverse's creator, Ray Nothnagel. However, it is a fairly common occurrence that deviations from the canon that has already been described may in fact be improvements to the canon. In some cases, this has an effect on the flavor text of a given item; in others, perhaps entirely new concepts may be added to the canon. As an example, the artwork that ended up being used for the Space Pirate culture was originally meant for an entirely different culture; however, it inspired the addition of new canon.

That said, if you're considering something like this intentionally while freelancing, it's probably best to ask early on if it will be feasible to add this cool idea to the canon. It's not always possible, and it doesn't always improve the world. If it's not part of the original description of the work, it may be rejected at Ray's discretion.

Standard Contract Terms

Afterverse never asks anyone to create artwork for "exposure" nor for a promise of payment at an indeterminate point in the future (such as profit sharing).

Afterverse owns a permanent, unlimited license to all artwork and derived works created for it, as described in the contract for the work. The artist will be credited in any usage of the artwork. Art used in the sourcebook will be credited in the Acknowledgements chapter of the book; art used in supplementary materials will be credited on the packaging; art used in videos or on websites will be credited at the end of the video or in its description. Any other usage will be credited in a similarly obvious place.

Afterverse recognizes that art created for this project may be useful for artists to secure future clients, and as such, has no problem with artists using art as part of their portfolio. Afterverse also permits artists to sell prints of the artwork they have created for Afterverse. The only condition for either of these scenarios is that Afterverse and/or Ray Nothnagel must be cited as the creator of the concept depicted in the artwork, ideally as a watermark or logo in the corner of the image itself. An example of such citation is below:

Art created by (artist) for the Afterverse RPG. All concepts and the rights to this art are owned by Ray Nothnagel or Afterverse Inc, and used with permission.

Interested in Freelancing?

If you feel that you have something to contribute to the Afterverse world, I'd like to hear from you! Please contact me using the contact form. Be sure to include a link to any relevant previous work you've done, a note of what you'd be interested in creating, and a general idea of your pay rate.

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