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Played or read Afterverse lately and have some feedback? Great! We're in beta, so right now that's the entire point - and even after that, we'll still be looking to improve the game for future editions.

Click here for a link to our feedback form. If you'd like to just tell us something in a less formal way, you can contact us via this page.

Feedback on the Universe

Found some inconsistencies in the universe? Looking for more information about something? Got an idea for a new world, concept, or alien race?

Feedback on the Game System

Have a problem with the system itself, or does something seem unbalanced or not fun?

Feedback on Artwork

Found an issue with art in the game? Did you find an instance of artwork being misused or an artist not being properly credited? Here's where you can let us know.

Feedback on the Printed Materials

Did you find a typo, spelling error, misprint, or inconsistency?

Feedback on a particular game session

If you have an issue about a particular gameplay experience you had - whether due to the GM, other players, or the event itself - here's where you let us know about that. Alternately, if you had a great experience and want to tell us your story, here's where.

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