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Parella Station




Parella Station
TMP: 5
ATM: 5
RAD: 5
GRV: 5

Parella Station is a marvel of Voran engineering. Its scale is unprecedented by space station standards, especially for one with centrifugal gravity. The Vorans built the station at great expense to enforce the peace treaty and to encourage interspecies commerce and negotiation. Most of the material the station was built from was mined _in situ_ from a small shepherd moon in Bridgehub's ring system.
The station's environmental controls are set to a level that is compatible with all of the known species, although privately leased areas have environmental controls allowing more comfortable `TMP` and `ATM` levels. (The `GRV` can be adjusted by migrating to the inner layers of the cylindrical station.)
The orbital environment near the station is strictly controlled. When in rendezvous range, all weapons system are required to be fully powered down, and speed is strictly limited to prevent kinetic attacks (and accidents) against the station. The Unification Charter fleet guarding the station is notoriously strict, and any deviation from the travel regulations is punished with a shoot first, ask questions later mentality—the safety of the station is paramount.
The station itself has a capacity of approximately 700,000 humans, 700,000 Bactarans, 200,000 Guigu, and 1,200,000 Vorans, including approximately 150,000 hives. Appriximately one-third of these beings are part of the Unification Charter fleet. At first, its traffic is bolstered by being a mandatory waypoint for inspection for any vessel traveling between the warp bridges. As the artifact hunts heat up, the treaty is disregarded more and more until finally it is dissolved. The station's Unification Charter leadership, however, lobbies successfully to be considered an independent governmental entity to which any sentient being can apply. Parella Station becomes the UC's first independent territory.

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