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Ray Nothnagel

Personal Message, Ensign Bex Flanigan, December 2, 2101

It was a simple plan. Complete basic training en route to the asteroid belt. A five year tour with the EGF, on belt patrol. After the tour, I could catch a transport from Ceres back home, and get back with a big pile of money and start a family. I'd never be more than a few months' ride from home.

Never trust a recruiter.

Today was supposed to be the day. I should be on Ceres right now, booking a flight to Earth, getting ready to start my new life. I've served my five years. I fought the Bactarans at Icarus and Ceres. I did my part. How the hell am I stuck at Hyperion now?

It was Admiral Blitzen, the crazy bastard. Yeah I shouldn't say that on the line, but what are they gonna do, discharge me? I should be so lucky. Turns out he had an override clause put into the EGF contract that lets the ESF forcibly recruit from EGF ranks. So instead of rock-hopping in Sol like I planned, now we're gearing up to take these undercrewed interstellar ships through the bridge.

The admiral keeps trying to play it off as covering for our mistake. It was the EGF who caused the Ceres battle, so the EGF personnel get to go to Sirius to keep the Bactarans from finding out about it. Such bullshit.

Personal Message, Ensign Bex Flanigan, March 4, 2102

Sirius is weird. It's too damn blue here.

I'll be honest, I'm kind of surprised we're not dead. This was such a long shot from the beginning, and Bactarans have better weapons and engines than we do.

We were in combat within a few hours of emerging from the gate on the Sirius side. I was part of the second wave, thank god—the first wave, they had it much worse than us. But they were able to cut off the Bactaran support from the surface, which made it a lot easier for the rest of us to clean up.

Just behind us, they brought in some heavy-duty machinery and are starting to build some ships out here to hold onto the system before moving on. All of us, the drafts, we all got the same bad feeling about this. It looks like they're going to be forcing us to stay here for the long haul.

Not everyone stuck around for it. I can't say too much about this on the line, but we were one ship short when we made the jump from Parella to Sirius. Some people are saying they defected to the Vorans to get out of this war. Some people are saying they got killed for trying. Lucky bastards either way if you ask me. And either way, I have a feeling I'm never going to hear from Nevan again.

Warrant for Arrest, ex-Ensign Bex Flanigan, August 9, 2103

Wanted for: Mutiny, Sedition, Unlawful Abscondment of Government Property

Following an attempted mutiny aboard the ESF Battlecruiser Pisces, Bex Flanigan is hereby dishonorably discharged from the service of the ESF, and a warrant for his arrest is in effect for the charges of mutiny and sedition.

Flanigan was last seen aboard the TX-01 transport craft serial number TX01C00347, which has a callsign among the crew of the Pisces of Blue Fish, along with seven other mutineers. Tracking of this transport was lost on July 22, 2103 in the Sirius system. It is at this time unknown how the transport's trajectory was lost.

There is a $50,000 reward in effect for information leading to the recapture of these fugitives.

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