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The Line


Ray Nothnagel

Address by Fleet Admiral Lee J. Blitzen; August 4, 2101

Today marks the start of the new age of Humankind. The seeds of war are sown, and we have prevailed in the first trials of the age. The insidious agents of the House of Moti, planted in our own solar system, have been held at bay and contained.

The news from Ceres that we have won the day there is the just the spark of what's to come. We have secured our home system for now, but if we simply stop here, all that we've won will be lost. If we give the Bactarans time, they will invade our system again. Our resources here are limited. If we do not push the line forward, Bactarans will flood the Solar System and overwhelm us. We are outnumbered, and our only choice is military cunning.

To this end, I will personally lead the fleet through the Saturn warp bridge. Our movements after this point are classified, but we will be outmaneuvering the Bactaran fleet, and the element of surprise will be on our side.

If you are seeing this address, you have been selected for the Earth Star Force draft. As we have more interstellar ships than we have crew for them, it is time to bring in help from the local Earth Guard Force. This exciting development will mean untold opportunities for leadership and advancement. You will be one of the first of Human kind to establish a permanent presence in another star system. In the process, you will be helping to keep the Solar System safe for all of us.

We will not just hold the line. We will push the line forward.

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