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Your Guides to the Stars


Ray Nothnagel

Address to the Public of Earth

February 11, 2051

Proud greetings to all listening to this broadcast. For those who do not know me, my name is Deroza. On behalf of all of the Warriors of the Korzof-Moti of the Bactara, I will begin by thanking the management of the nations of Earth for their cooperation. It is with their help that the transition to the new age of governance is proceeding smoothly and peacefully. We are presenting those leaders whose support has been particularly instrumental with an award at a ceremony next week-we hope as many as possible will be in attendance.

We may now begin the process of preparing your civilization for something greater. In time, we hope that the improvements we present will allow you to join the greater community of worlds that exists beyond your solar system. To this end, we would like to present several initiatives.

First, we would like to reduce violence by reducing the means for violence. Many of your nations have done so already, by restricting the availability of firearms. We would encourage governments to continue this trend, and will offer our assistance in enforcing such restrictions. Civilian firearms have no place in a peaceful society, and a society that is not peaceful has no place among the stars.

We have some concerns with the state of your medical system. Specifically, in terms of prevention of disease, there are improvements to be made, and we intend to work with your scientists to make them. Our first order of business should be to recognize the danger of mandatory vaccinations. We have seen in recent years several outbreaks of vaccination poisoning, in one case causing an outbreak of the very disease the vaccines were meant to protect against. Many parents have decried the requirement of putting their children through this danger. Thus, we are please to announce that, effective immediately, vaccinations are no longer required for school attendance in any nation, as they have been among a number of nations. Such requirements have no place in a free society, and a society that is not free has no place among the stars.

Finally, the preservation of your world must receive some attention. For over a century the Human race has been destroying the environment of Earth through the usage of fossil fuels, specifically coal and oil. While oil usage has declined as a fuel source in the last several decades, still nearly half of your vehicles use it as their primary fuel supply. In addition, burning coal supplies more electricity than any other source. If you are unable to build your society in a way that you can maintain your own planet, how will you ever be worthy of living on any other planet? Pollution of this magnitude has no place in a clean society, and a society that is not clean has no place among the stars.

As such, we will be pushing your power generation and transportation industries towards better, cleaner power sources. Within the next five years, we believe we will be able to replace all petroleum-fueled vehicles still on the roads, and on a similar timetable, we intend to cease mining new sources of coal; the power plants will be replaced as their fuel source runs out. These and other initiatives will help you to improve your own standing, and it is our hope that within a decade or two, the Human society will be ready to take its rightful place among the stars.

This live translated broadcast has been brought to you by Extraterrestrial-Earth Relations Board. We thank you for your support.

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