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Orion War

Living Campaign

The Orion War campaign is a living campaign played at conventions, events, and participating gaming stores. Players can create their own characters and bring them from mission to mission, continuing the storyline and improving their character as they go.

Orion War will premiere at Origins 2019. Soon we will have a game finder on this page to allow you to find a campaign near you!

Character Workshop

Guided character creation for the Orion War campaign. Players will receive character sheets, build a character, and start their journey.

Characters must be Humans and officers of the EGF, with a rank of Ensign, Lieutenant, or Commander. Characters must be between 18 and 30 years old in 2099.

Crimes Against Humanity

A Human trader has gone missing in the asteroid belt. Your crew must investigate the Bactaran mine where he was seen last.

Rival House

The murder of a Bactaran aboard an asteroid mine has drawn attention from the EGF authorities. You must investigate and learn about the Bactarans.

Battle of Ceres

Tensions in the asteroid belt are coming to a head as a blockade at Ceres is expected to lead to open warfare.

Escape from Hyperion Station

Your unit has been called to Hyperion Station for an in-person briefing for a new mission. While there, the warring between Humans and Bactarans in the belt has led to riots on the station, where the two races cohabitate. Your crew is caught in the middle.

Note: This is the final mission of the first block of Orion War missions; a character that has completed this adventure may not play any of the above adventures.

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